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CSI Miami: Zeichnung mit Filzstift von Dr. Wurst

CSI Miami

Inspired by the opening credits of the TV show with the same name, starring the coolest investigator on earth: Lieutenant Horatio Caine, aka David Caruso […]

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Stürmische See, mit Wasserfarbe gemalt von Dr. Rotraut Wurst

Stormy Sea

“Stormy Sea” does not only represent ocean storms that can destroy everything with their force (like a tsunami). It’s also about the storms in our lives. Will they defeat us, or will we rise and […]

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Quader: Gemälde aus Wasserfarben von Dr. Wurst


This work was inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s Science Fiction Movies “2001: A Space Odyssey” and “2010: The Year We Make Contact”. In these movies, an extraterrestrial black monolith is explored. In this picture, the cuboids […]

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Myanmar 2: Ölbild von Dr. Wurst

Myanmar 2

Myanmar has a paradisaic flora and fauna. Everywhere you look, you see temples or Buddha statues that blend into nature. But the country is politically separated. Serious human rights violations are happening under the veil […]

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Myanmar, Zeichnung mit Filzstift von Dr. Wurst


In 2003, I was happy to be part of an international group of seven women. All were coming from scientific fields such as theology, philosophy, and anthropology. Together, we visited Myanmar for two weeks, just […]

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Italienische Schweiz als Diptychon, Acrylfarbe auf Holz, von Dr. Wurst

Diptych: Italian-Speaking Switzerland

During my childhood, my parents and I traveled to Italian-speaking Switzerland regularly. The routes to St. Gotthard, Brenner Pass, San Bernardino, and Verzasca valley touched me deeply. Many years later, I already lived in Schleswig-Holstein […]

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Durchs Samsara: Gemälde in Rottönen mit Ölfarbe von Dr. Wurst

Through Samsara

I was happy to live in a nunnery during my field studies in Tibetan Buddhist Nunneries. That way, I was integrated into life at the nunnery, where the older nuns taught me about their everyday […]

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Weihnachten? gemalt mit Wasserfarbe von Dr. Wurst


The Bible (New Testament) tells how a child was born in Bethlehem. That child is said to be the son of God. They say that shepherds were the first visitors. And three wise men followed […]

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Anfang und Ende, Gemälde mit Wasserfarbe von Dr. Wurst

Alpha and Omega

Our universe came into existence almost 14 Billion years ago with a Big Bang. With its release of energy, the first particles developed. This means, that everything is connected and deeply intertwined from the beginning […]

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Ostsee: Kreidegemälde von Dr. Wurst

Baltic Sea

This work captures a sunrise at the baltic sea. The peaceful mood is a perfect invitation to go for a swim, meditate, or simply enjoy the beautiful scenery. […]

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Nach dem dritten Weltkrieg, gemalt mit Ölfarbe von Dr. Wurst

After World War III

The 80s of the past century were the time of the cold war, blocs, NATO, Soviet Union, military buildup, and the NATO Double-Track Decision. Only years later, military disarmament finally happened. But the threat was […]