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Early Vegetarians: Collage und Acryl auf Leinwand von Dr. Rotraut Wurst

Early Vegetarians

Originally, I created the black-and-white caricature for a T-Shirt print in 2007. Now, in 2020, I added color and embedded it into a collage. It’s about the idea of living a vegetarian life. Humankind is […]

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Wise? Bild von Gehirn mit Schriftzug: "Think, you are wise..." das im Dunklen leuchtet


Humanity thinks about itself being the crown of creation, the “homo sapiens”. This hybris led to destruction, abuse, and exploitation of the earth. Especially the amount of trash makes it look like there would be […]

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Playing Sax: Gemälde von Dr. Rotraut Wurst

Playing Sax

As ‘A Dutiful Daughter’ (see Simone de Beauvoir: Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter, 1958) I had to learn the piano. But what really fascinated me was the saxophone. During my first Semester at Uni (in Tübingen, […]

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The Fly Nr. 2, aufbauend auf dem Werk "The Fly" von Dr. Wurst

The Fly 2

Despite Trump’s electoral defeat (as ‘predicted’ by the fly) democracy isn’t like it was before. The stars on the flag seem to be gone. The President is not accepting the election result […]

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Erste Begegnung: Gemälde mit Wasserfarben von Dr. Wurst

First Encounter

This work is inspired by Star Trek Discovery. Lt. Michael Burnham, chief officer of Starship Discovery, meets the “Red Angel”. Time-traveling from the future, the Red Angel causes and influences particular events. As we shall […]

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Zen schwäbisch: Wasserfarbe - Zen für Schwaben: die Kehrwoche

Swabian Zen

The most important thing for Swabians is to keep everything clean. There’s this thing called “Kehrwoche”. It describes a time period where people have specific duties such as cleaning shared areas like sidewalks. Then, there’s […]

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F: Gemälde eines Hundes, Wasserfarbe von Dr. Wurst


F is a vizsla. He’s young, full of life, and right in the middle of puberty. His expression of strength and delight when playing with my dog is impressive, likewise his calmness and inner tranquility. […]

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The Fly: Acryl von Dr. Wurst

The Fly

2020, presidential election in the USA:  President Donald J. Trump and vice-president Michael R. Pence are facing Joseph R. Biden and Kamala Harris. The campaign dominates the media – and social media in particular – […]

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Buddha: Wasserfarbe von Dr. Wurst


Buddha rests peacefully in gray shades between the light side and the dark side. These sides should be well-known to fans of the science fiction movie Star Wars.  In Buddhism, a person becomes Buddha if […]

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The Pandemic: Wasserfarbe/Collage von Dr. Wurst

The Pandemic

2020 is the year of the pandemic. It seems that we’ll have to deal with this situation for quite some time despite the research for vaccines. Life has changed for all of us. Getting to […]

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Bark Beetle: Ölfarbe von Dr. Wurst

Bark Beetle

I’ve been driving an old beetle for ages. Just as in the commercials from decades ago, it’s “running and running and running”. Strangely, the idea to merge a beetle with an old but blooming tree […]

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La mer: Wasserfarbe von Dr. Wurst

La mer

As a result of the 2020 pandemic, there are fewer flights and fewer cruise trips. Nature is healing. Temporarily, the oceans and the air are recovering. Another artwork that’s been inspired by the pandemic. 2020, […]

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Passion: Wasserfarbe/Wachskreide von Dr. Wurst


The fiery red color is the defining center of this work. Concentrated passion, capable of burning everything. A cosmic orgasm. […]

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The Two Sides of Him: Diptychon, Ölfarbe von Dr. Wurst

The Two Sides of Him

2020 had more issues than a global pandemic. Numerous cases of sexual abuse of minors were revealed and discussed in the media. The police unveiled numerous cases and brought them to court after discovering photos […]

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Mustafar: Ölfarbe von Dr. Wurst


As a Star Wars fan, I was deeply impressed by “Mustafar” and the battle between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin from Star Wars Episode III. In Star Wars, Mustafar is a planet of fire, magma, lava, […]